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Book cover images: Blood Contest by P. K. Abbot and Monster's Dream by P. K. Abbot

Blood Contest by P. K. Abbot

I would like to give you a copy of my first novel, Blood Contest, in return for writing a short review of my book and joining my mailing list.

If you need additional copies for more than one electronic device, you can get them as well.

Just click on the button below. (Even though we’ll ask for your email address, we will not duplicate your address on our mailing list if you have already joined the list.) 

Monster’s Dream by P. K. Abbot

I am finishing my next book, Monster’s Dream — a twisted and chilling psychological crime thriller.

Most people have said that Blood Contest was fast-paced and twisty, rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars on the major sites. But I am excited to say that Monster’s Dream surpasses it.

Since Monster’s Dream will release on October 30 of this year, I am looking for advance readers who will post their honest reviews once the book is released.

If you are interested in receiving a free ARC (Advance Review Copy) of Monster’s Dream and posting your review, contact me through my website by clicking the button below, and I will try to make it happen

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I Need Your Help

I need your help.
Two months ago, I gave away 100 copies of my first novel, Blood Contest, in a GoodReads Giveaway.
If you received one of the free books and have read the novel, I’d like to ask you to post your review of the book.
As an independent writer, I am thankful for the support that my readers have given me by simply choosing to read my book, but I am also aware that reviews are crucial for any writer. Your honest review would not only aid me by contributing to the popularity of my book, but it would also help your fellow readers by giving them an idea as to whether or not they would enjoy reading the book.
If you do not have a copy of Blood Contest but would like to read and review it, I’d be happy to give you a reviewers copy. You can download a version for any electronic device (or multiple devices) here:

Thanks so much for your support.