Monster’s Dream is coming…

My second novel, Monster’s Dream, releases on October 30, 2020.

This is a very twisty thriller — with more surprises than Blood Contest.

If you would like to be among the first to read this thriller, you can pre-order it today.

Below is a short sample for you.


Monster’s Dream

Chapter 1

Tonight the boy will die. He’s the one I’ve chosen.

I haven’t chosen him by chance. I’ve spent weeks looking for him. I’ve searched for him among society’s trash – the poor, the blacks and Latinos, and the mongrels of mixed-race. No one cares if one of them disappears now and then, but that is not what attracts me to them.

It is the hope of finding a challenger. I am searching for that special one among them – the one who has learned to escape their crushing poverty. Who has learned to take what he wants. Who has learned to fight to survive. And, when the time comes, who will fight me to stay alive. He will fail, of course, because he’s only a child. But still he will challenge me. And I will enjoy killing him.

I’ve watched this boy for days now. He is young, about ten years old, but he is very strong – more muscular than any of the others in his group. He trains obsessively. But then there’s good reason for that. Brute force, intimidation, and violence give him his advantage over the other boys.

I’ve noticed that he takes what he wants from the others, and no one dares to stop him. Yesterday I saw him fondle a young girl. She fought him until he beat her bloody. Today she lets him do whatever he wants. There is an empty look in her eyes now, but that doesn’t bother him. He’s already a predator, but he is not yet the monster that I am. He is perfect.

I know how it will happen. It will start when he notices me. He may wonder why I am there, until he sees the amount of cash I am carrying, and then he’ll start thinking about how he can take it from me.

He’ll find a reason to talk to me. I’ll compliment him on the way he handled the young girl. He’ll like that. It’s important to him to seem powerful and masculine.

Then I’ll ask him if he wants to do business with me. He’ll think I want him to make the girl have sex with me. So, he’ll agree.

Then I’ll tell him that I want to have sex with him.

Anger will flash across his brow, but then I will smile at him. In my smile he will see me in the way that I want him to see me. Friendly. Weak. Vulnerable. I’ll see the thought register first in his eyes. Then the corner of his mouth will rise, and he’ll smile back at me. “Yeah, I’d like that,” he will say.

He has already assessed me. He knows he won’t be able to overwhelm an adult man, but he can outrun me. He knows that if he can get his hands on my money, he can steal it from me.

I’ll tell him we need to go somewhere private. I’ll suggest my car at the far end of the parking lot. When he surveys the expansive, empty parking lot, he will think he can grab my cash and run away with it before I can catch him. So, he’ll agree.

At the car he’ll want to see my money before he goes inside. I’ll dangle the roll of bills in my hand, and he’ll lunge across my body to snatch it. He’ll expose himself for only a moment, but that will be enough. I’ll clamp my arm around his outstretched torso and pull him against me. With my free hand, I’ll take the cloth from my pocket and press it against his nose and mouth. The cloth soaked in chloroform.

He’ll struggle against me with all his strength, but, in a few seconds, he will loose consciousness and his body will become limp. I’ll then lift him in my arms, place him in the car’s trunk, and drive out of the parking lot.The boy will still die tonight, but not yet. I’ll keep him sedated for a few hours – until it is time for him to meet the real me. Until it is time for him to meet the monster.

Published by

P. K. Abbot

P. K. Abbot writes character-rich thrillers. His Jersey Murder Series are exciting crime novels with very twisty endings. Before writing full time, he had a fascinating occupation. For twenty-five years he worked as a professional buyer in two different industries. In his career, he met hundreds of remarkable people and traveled to Europe and throughout the United States. On February 21, 2011, he experienced a life-changing event. On that day he went into V-fib — ventricular fibrillation. He would have died that afternoon, but his implanted defibrillator discharged seven times within two minutes that day. After the fourth intensive shock to his heart, he questioned if he would have the stamina to survive the ordeal, but survive he did. He spent the next thirteen days in cardiac intensive care in the hospital and the following four months in recovery at home. After that experience, he decided to devote himself to writing, and he has been writing full time ever since. He grew up around Trenton, New Jersey and attended high school and college in Philadelphia, where he studied writing, languages, and history. He also served for six years as a military policeman in the United States Army National Guard. Today he is the proud father of two talented young women, and he lives in a small town in southern New Jersey with his wife and dozens of imaginary characters.

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